WWE Superstar Shakeup: 3 Potential Title Changes

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Photo Source: WWE.com

With the 2018 WWE Superstar Shakeup complete, it’s time to take a look at which champions title reigns are in the most peril.

Back in March of 2002 the WWE, after recently purchasing WCW and ECW which caused an influx of superstars on their roster, decided to separate all of their talent into two distinct brands, RAW and SmackDown. As you could imagine, the original draft was quite expansive. With a massive amount of wrestlers signed to contracts and this being the first ever time the company would implement this idea, the original WWE draft consisted of 57 picks between the two brands and set an annual stage (except for 2003) for the company to use the draft as a way to “shake things up”.

Over the years the draft or “Superstar Shakeup” has come and gone but it seems like this years version of it was used for a pretty large overhaul. Overall, 44 superstars changed brands over the course of two nights and suddenly the WWE landscape looks very different. Former wrestlers returned, injured ones as well, and the influx of NXT talent will uncertainly spice things up on the main roster for the near future.

But of all the changes, which superstars have the best chance of winning WWE gold in short order? Read ahead.