7 Dream WWE Matches for Kenny Omega in 2019


For many years, it’s been a foregone conclusion that Kenny Omega would never set foot in WWE, particularly given his recent derision of the company and how it treats its talent. In January of this year, Dave Meltzer reported that Omega’s most recent contract with NJPW extended into early 2019, leaving the opportunity for Omega to sign elsewhere at that time.

While the likely answer is that Omega will resign with NJPW, on a recent episode of The Ross Report, Omega muddied the water by suggesting it would be a shame not to work with WWE’s talent at some point in the future. He suggested both Seth Rollins and AJ Styles as stars he’d love to wrestle, but there are several more names that we think would make for exciting match-ups.

7. Adam Cole

Credit: WWE.com

When last Kenny Omega and Adam Cole crossed paths, it was in a decidedly explosive moment in Ring of Honor, when Cole was replaced by Marty Scurll in Bullet Club. Following his removal, he was also killed off by Omega on popular webseries Being the Elite, after spending weeks undermining The Elite (and even attempting to kill Nick). While WWE is unlikely to consider Being the Elite canon, seeing these two meet with all the history they share would be truly iconic.

6. Kevin Owens

Credit: WWE.com

Kenny Omega and Kevin Owens have long travelled in the same circles, sharing mutual connections with the Young Bucks and others in Bullet Club. Despite having shared significant time in PWG, the two have rarely met, making a future match between the pair a rare and exciting opportunity. Owens’ vicious brawling style would meld well with Omega’s fast-paced offense, making for a brutal and emotion-filled encounter.

 5. Asuka

Credit: WWE.com

WWE is not high on intergender wrestling, but it has started to creep into regular TV programming. While largely it has revolved around James Ellsworth, and his relatively unimpressive physique, there exists potential to take the concept further. Kenny Omega and Asuka (then known as Kana) have previously fought together as a mixed tag team, and are well versed in each other’s styles. As two of the greatest Japan-based pro wrestlers, a match between the two could show off the very best of puroresu’s strong style.

 4. Aleister Black

Credit: WWE.com

Aleister Black is one of the current standouts in NXT, sharing a range of hard-hitting, brutal matches with the best of NXT’s roster. Facing Omega would produce one of the hardest-hitting matches of them all, with their similarly fast-paced, leg-based offense making for some brilliant potential spots. Black’s subdued, intense character would also work brilliantly with Omega’s manic, super villain-esque mannerisms to create a series of subtle, intriguing promos.


3. Xavier Woods

Credit: WWE.com

The rivalry between Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega has spilled its way across the wrestling scene and far into the gaming world as well, featuring heavily at E3 2018. Woods has never been considered the most talented member of the New Day, often taking a backseat to Kofi and Big E, but he has improved considerably over the last year, and a showcase with Omega could show off the potential he’s built. That’s not to mention his boundless charisma, which is sure to be on full display in a face-off against fellow charisma machine Omega.

2. Daniel Bryan

Credit: WWE.com

Daniel Bryan has long been considered one of the greatest indie wrestlers of all time, becoming one of the first to truly crack into WWE’s wrestling scene. While the height of Bryan’s career is long since behind him, his recent in-ring efforts have shown he’s in no way slowing down. Omega and Bryan have met before in Ring of Honor and PWG, but far before either peaked in their careers. To see the progress they’ve made since their initial meeting would be a truly interesting spectacle.


1. John Cena 

Credit: WWE.com

John Cena is a loyal company man, representing everything that WWE stands for. Conversely, Kenny Omega represents the best of NJPW, and seeing these titans face off against each other would be the ultimate meeting of worlds.

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Cena might not be the greatest technical wrestler, but he’s proven time and time again in classic matches against CM Punk and AJ Styles that he can have a great match with anyone. Given Omega is considered one of the current greatest wrestlers in the business, their potential meeting could be magical.

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