WWE: Ranking Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Performances

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Daniel Bryan is one of the best wrestlers in the world, however he has certainly had a career full of ups, but also downs. WrestleMania is living proof of that. And we are going to take a look at Bryan’s greatest moments at WrestleMania in this article.

6. WrestleMania 28:

Without a shadow of a doubt, Daniel Bryan’s worse WrestleMania moment came at WrestleMania 28. He was versing “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus, and at the time in WWE Storyline, AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan were in a romantic relationship.

AJ Lee kissed Daniel Bryan for “good luck” on the “Grandest Stage Of Them All” but it actually turned out to be one of the worst kisses Daniel Bryan has ever received, and one of the worst nights of Daniel Bryan’s career, because he lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Sheamus in just 18 seconds.

Heading into the event, the expectation was an even contest, but at the time Bryan was still finding his feet, so he wasn’t actually “The Leader of the YES! Movement” or anything of the sort. It definitely came as a surprise however how Bryan lost, and that quickly. If I were Bryan, I wouldn’t EVER want to relive this WrestleMania…