WWE Evolution PPV: 5 Dream Matches for Sasha Banks

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Credit: WWE.com

Sasha Banks has long been regarded as one of the best women’s wrestlers in WWE. The last three years have been littered with historic moments and brilliant matches in WWE, most of them revolving around the iconic Sasha Banks/Charlotte rivalry.

There’s no doubt that she’s been a pioneer for women’s wrestling within the company, and at WWE Evolution, Sasha should have a shining spotlight placed upon her.

Evolution should be a celebration of women’s wrestling, designed to highlight the strengths of every woman in WWE’s ever-expanding roster. As such, Sasha deserves a worthy opponent who’ll bring out the best in her. Here are a few women we think Sasha should face.

5. Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has played an integral part of the women’s evolution, or so she’d have you believe. Along every step of the way, McMahon has been there to steam the thunder of WWE’s women, announcing their success and often attributing it to the goodwill and generosity of the company.

The time is right for Sasha Banks to take her role as one of the many pioneers of women’s wrestling in WWE and take a stand against McMahon for her spotlight-stealing showboating. McMahon may claim to be an important lynchpin in the women’s evolution, but she has long been complicit in a system that continually pushed women down and suppressed their voices.

Evolution presents a chance for McMahon to finally receive her just desserts at the hand of Banks. WWE has long needed a new ‘pipebomb’, a moment where a wrestler finally snaps and unearths their long held gripes with company treatment. As someone who’s been mistreated badly over the last few months, Banks would be the perfect candidate to force McMahon to see the error of her ways.