Roman Reigns: 10 Career Defining Matches That You Must See

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Roman Reigns is one of WWE’s best. Credit:

Roman Reigns has become one of the most consistent performers in the WWE, let’s take a look at some matches that have defined his career so far.

Love him or loathe him, there is no denying that Roman Reigns is one of the most consistent performers in the WWE. Seemingly hand-picked by Vince McMahon as the face of a generation, Reigns has grown into one of the most divisive superstars in all of wrestling, regularly being greeted by loud boos wherever he is performing.

Regardless of crowd reaction and forced booking, though, Reigns has been one of the most reliable main event performers in the WWE over recent years, and he has built quite the body of work since breaking up from The Shield in 2014.  He has developed an exciting in-ring style and has managed to put several other superstars over on his own journey to the top.

Let’s take a look at ten quintessential matches that highlight exactly why Roman Reigns is one of the top stars in the WWE today.

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10. Payback 2017, Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

This match is far from as good as some of the other encounters on this list, but it takes its place on here due to the fact that it Reigns’ feud with Braun is one of the most iconic of his career so far.

It might be a controversial opinion, but Braun would not be the star he is today if it wasn’t for Roman Reigns. Their feud really brought the best out of the former Wyatt Family member, and Reigns was more than willing to put his opponent over and make him look a million bucks.

Their match at Payback 2017 was short and sweet, and basically did exactly what it needed to do. The decision to have Reigns go over Braun was a baffling one, but Braun’s destruction of Reigns really helped further get him over as the monster that he is today.

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9. Payback 2016, Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles (WWE Championship Match)

AJ Styles’ first WWE title shot came just after months after his debut when he took on Roman Reigns at Payback 2016.

Styles was a heel at the time, and the presence of The Club at ringside, along with the aid of The Usos for Reigns made for thrilling viewing.

Styles and Reigns had excellent chemistry in the ring together, and this is not only one of Roman Reigns’ best matches in the WWE but also one of AJ Styles’ as well.