Tenille Dashwood Reveals She Suffers From Psoriasis, Not On ROH UK Tour


Tenille Dashwood is widely known in the independent wrestling scene and also in the mainstream, as she wrestled in WWE under the ring name “Emma”. However, she recently had to pull out of the Ring of Honor United Kingdom tour for unexplained reasons. The reason has now been properly explained.

Today on the 17th of August 2018, current independent wrestler and Woman of Honor star, Tenille Dashwood revealed on her Twitter that she has been suffering from a skin condition known as psoriasis since she was 14 years old.

Psoriasis can cause large, raised red blotches appear all over the skin and can cause a great deal of discomfort and, in extreme cases, drastically effect the day-to-day goings on of the individuals life.

The announcement comes two days after she confirmed her absence from the current Ring of Honor United Kingdom tour that is currently overseas in Britain.

In her statement, Tenille explains that she has been living and experiencing the disease since she was fourteen years old and has spent the remaining portion of her life trying her best to still work and live with it.

She, at some stages in her life, had it so under control that for many years, it wasn’t apparent to anyone else apart from herself and those who knew. However, very sadly the situation has flared up and has caused her health to deteriorate; although she has stated in her statement she is on the mend.

The reason she has decided to explain her situation, not just because it gives a reason for her absence on this ROH tour, is that she hopes it can help others with the condition. Psoriasis can often cause major self-esteem issues with the individual suffering from it and Dashwood has stated that she often worried it would come between her and her dreams of becoming a professional wrestler.

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Thankfully, it hasn’t and she can now use her platform to inspire hundreds to potentially thousands of people who suffer from this illness and prove that you can in fact live an entirely prosperous life – not defined by your illness. It is fantastic news to hear she is slowly getting better and she will be back competing in the ring soon.