Titus O’Neil pays for fan to go to NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV


Titus O’Neil is known for his kindness and consistent, fantastic charity work. This past week, another example of this has been shown in a rather spontaneous way.

SummerSlam is nearly upon us and, as a result, WWE hold meet-and-greets for fans who are attending the show or are in the area to meet up with their favourite WWE superstars, have a conversation with them and usually get something signed. Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews were taking part in this as many of the wrestlers do and were approached by a fan who wished to speak with them. As shown by Titus’ twitter however, he went above and beyond to make her weekend extra special.

When asked if she was going to be attending NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV, the precursor to SummerSlam the night before, the woman replied she was unsure due to a lack of funding and other priorities being more important.

Titus reached into his wallet and handed her a $100 bill in order to pay for the tickets. In response, the woman actually believed she was being ‘Punk’d’ as she couldn’t imagine something like this actually happening. Titus went onto explain that he felt ‘good vibes’ and that sometimes you meet someone who deserves a gift.

The best response to come out of this story is the fact that it is clearly not an individual situation. Over the past year, the WWE universe have seen how charitable Titus is. In February of this year, as part of the #BlackPantherChallenge which was a initiative with the aim of taking children of colour to see the movie, Titus took 2,000 children to see Black Panther for free in an attempt to show children who are from a minority background that they, too, can be the superheros that they see on the big screen.

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Additionally, the man is also planning to open a free public school in the near future that provides free meals, uniforms, tuition and a multitude of other services to children. I commend Titus for all of these initiatives and hope he continues to shine as a fantastic example of the model WWE superstar.