WWE Evolution 2018: 10 Legends We Want To See

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WWE Evolution 2018, is just over a month away and excitement for the show is really beginning to build.

On this week’s Raw, seven-time Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus made her surprise return to Monday Nights and confirmed that she will go one-on-one with Alexa Bliss at the event.

Like this year’s all-female royal rumble match, WWE Evolution 2018 promises to be a celebration of all things women’s wrestling, and the company has promised that several other WWE legends will be making their return at the event.

Former champions, Lita and Beth Phoenix, have both been confirmed for the show and speculation is rife as to just who else will be turning up in October. Let’s take a look at 10 WWE legends we would like to see appear at Evolution.


1: AJ Lee

Okay, so this entry is really a case of wishful thinking, but the very idea of AJ Lee returning to the WWE for one last match is awesome.

While many will credit the likes of Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair for leading the women’s revolution, AJ Lee was carving a path long before those women ever stepped foot inside a WWE ring.

The chances of Lee returning are virtually non-existent, largely because she is married to WWE enemy #1, CM Punk. She has also not stepped foot in a wrestling ring inside or outside the WWE since 2014 when she announced her retirement from the industry.

There have been rumours recently that the company have actually attempted to reach out to Lee for the event, but at the moment, that is all they are.


2: Jazz

One of the biggest absences from this year’s women’s Royal Rumble match was two-time women’s champion, Jazz.

Jazz was one of the WWE’s most genuinely talented performers from back in the days when the WWE still promoted bra and panties matches, and King couldn’t commentate on a women’s match without shouting the word ‘puppies’ every two minutes, and fans would no doubt love to see her back in the ring.

Jazz was only a part of the WWE for three years but she made plenty of impact during her brief spell and would go on to continue performing on the indie scene when she left the WWE in 2004, before briefly returning to the company where she made her name between 2006 and 2007.

While she may not be as iconic as some of the women on this list, at 44 years old, Jazz would still be able to get a decent match out of one of the company’s current crop of female talent.