Hell in a Cell 2018: Three Reasons Why Samoa Joe Should Win the WWE Title

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AJ Styles escaped SummerSlam with his title intact, will he be so lucky at Hell in a Cell?

At SummerSlam, Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles by DQ when the WWE champion lost his temper following comments made by Joe and attacked him with a steel chair.

The two men were in the process of putting on a serious match of the year contender when the incident happened, and expectations are high for their rematch, which will take place next month at the WWE’s annual Hell in a Cell PPV.

AJ Styles has held the WWE title since last November, and many fans are expecting the former TNA/Impact star to drop the belt to Joe inside the cell. Joe has been one of the most consistent performers in the WWE so far in 2018 and is riding a huge wave of momentum at the moment.

The WWE is in the rare position of having two men competing for the title who fans would be happy to see holding the belt. Styles’ title reign has returned prestige to the belt after Jinder Mahal’s disastrous run through mid-2017, while Joe is one of the most respected workers in the industry, and fans are itching to see him get his hands on the gold.

In my opinion, it is time for the WWE to pull the trigger on Samoa Joe as WWE champion. Let’s take a look at three reasons exactly why I think that is the case.

Photo Source: WWE.com

1: He is the best heel in the WWE right now

WWE has gotten into the habit of casting all heels as cowardly cheats who can only get the upper hand on their opponents using devious tactics.

Samoa Joe, though, is a different beast altogether. The former TNA World Champion is booked to look like an absolute animal, a heel who is not scared to get up in their opponents face, and take on all newcomers.

Joe could be exactly the type of champion the WWE needs right now. A dominant heel who is eventually toppled by the brand’s next big babyface. Think Brock Lesnar but, you know, actually defending his title belt.

Joe has been the company’s most consistent performer on the mic in 2018 and giving him a run with the belt is no more than what he deserves right now.