Hell in a Cell 2018: Three Reasons Why Samoa Joe Should Win the WWE Title

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Source: WWE.com

2: A Change in the main-event scene

SmackDown is firing on all cylinders at the minute and is once again miles ahead of it’s Monday night counterpart, Raw.

The brand has grown from strength to strength since the superstar shake-up, and AJ Styles’ run at the top of the card has been one of the big reasons for that.

That being said, a Samoa Joe victory at Hell in a Cell opens up the door to plenty of new and exciting feuds on Tuesday nights.

While there are still several options for AJ Styles if he retains the belt, Samoa Joe’s character means that he can enter into a feud with just about anybody, face or heel, and make it work.

Styles will still remain as the brand’s top babyface and can help build up the likes of Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas in the upper mid-card, while Joe can enter into feuds with the likes of Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, giving the fans something they have never seen in the WWE before.

Styles has been the WWE champion for nearly a year now, and while most fans, myself included, would be happy to see his run extend past the 365-day mark, putting the belt on Samoa Joe would be equally as welcomed by the WWE universe.