WWE: Give Us More Bayley And Sasha Banks WWE.com Exclusive Segments


After a tumultuous year for Bayley and Sasha Banks’ friendship, the two have appeared on WWE.com in a number of exclusive video interviews. We can’t get enough of them.

It’s been a trying year for Bayley and Sasha Banks’s friendship.

Their feud began back in January during Royal Rumble, continued throughout the year during Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 34’s Women’s Battle Royal match, finally coming to a head on June 18, when the pair brawled backstage after losing a tag team match to Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.

The following week, after losing another match to the Riott Squad, Bayley attacked Banks from behind, which precipitated an announcement from Kurt Angle: go to mandatory counseling together, or face termination.

At Extreme Rules, Bayley and Banks teamed together for a match, responding to an ultimatum from Angle, stating that if the two couldn’t get along, one would be moved to SmackDown Live.

Now, the two are inseparable. Creating a team they call the “Boss & Hug Connection”, the two often participate in tag-team matches and face opponents as a solid front, clearly more of a team than ever before.

The real gift of this sudden reuniting, is the exclusive segments featuring both superstars on WWE.com. The two have starred in videos covering everything from gift-giving, tours, discussing partners for the Mixed Match Challenge, and the milestones in their counseling and friendship.

The videos show the two in an organic and natural state we wish we could see all Superstars in. The friends are simply cute together, cutting hilarious jokes, making it easy to believe that the two really are the best of friends. We honestly can’t get enough of the adorable segments.

As half of the Four Horsewoman of WWE, no one is surprised they have such great chemistry on and off camera; the two even won 2015’s NXT Match of the Year together. So, it also comes as no surprise when the two have some opinions on the budding feud between the other half of the Horsewoman: Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

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Fans want to see more of the Boss & Hug Connection in and out of the ring. Whether that be in a new women’s tag-team division, WWE’s pay-per-view Evolution, or every week on Raw, one thing is for sure: keep those WWE.com exclusive segments coming.