WWE Raw: The Undertaker Appears To Interrupt Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker made a surprise appearance on WWE Raw tonight to a thunderous ovation from the crowd and “Holy S**T” chants, as he stood down Shawn Michaels ahead of his Super Show-Down match against Triple H in Melbourne, Australia.

On Oct. 6, 2018, Triple H and The Undertaker will write the last chapter in their storied history together at the WWE Super Show-Down special in Melbourne, Australia. Tonight on WWE Raw, Shawn Michaels came out to hype up this match, cutting a promo in which he staunchly supported his best friend Triple H, fully admitting his bias.

Michaels, however, took it a little too far, talking a little bit of extra trash to The Undertaker, who memorably ended the career of a spiteful Michaels in an epic streak vs. career match at WrestleMania 26.

The Undertaker had heard enough, and he made his entrance, shocking the Columbus crowd. There was a massive pop for Taker, as expected, and Taker didn’t mince any words when he addressed Michaels.

He stated that Michaels is only predicting Triple H in this match because he’s still upset that Taker took his career from him.

Then the promo got even better.

Michaels stated that unlike the Undertaker, he’s a man of his word for staying retired after saying he was retired. He cut an impassioned promo about how he’s turned down millions and millions of dollars for another match, in spite of all the “one more match” chants (including one that occurred during this promo), because he respects Taker so much.

The Heartbreak Kid has stayed retired out of respect for the Undertaker and the fact that he lost that vs. career match all those years ago.

However, The Undertaker wasn’t buying it. The Dead Man asked Michaels if it’s respect or if it’s fear that keeps Michaels from facing “The Phenom”.

Taker gives him a pointed threat, “I would put you down all over again,” if Michaels were to un-retire and immediately come after him.

Everything these two men said gave me goosebumps, and while this rematch should never occur at this stage, the fact that they were able to get us so excited was just incredible. It’s a true testament to how legendary these wrestlers are.

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The Dead Man ended the segment with a simple mic drop statement. At the WWE Super Show-Down, he’ll put Triple H down again.

Meanwhile, the commentary team played up the speculation that Michaels could ask for one more match from the Undertaker. So, yes, I still have goosebumps.

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