WWE: 3 Storylines We Want For Dana Brooke Post-Titus Worldwide

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During Monday night’s Raw, Dana Brooke announced she was leaving Titus Worldwide. There’s three storylines that would fit her talent better.

During this Monday’s episode of Raw, Dana Brooke got a chance to shine while participating in a tag-team match with Ember Moon against Sasha Banks and Bayley. Immediately following a distraction from Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews that cost Brooke a win in that match, she announced she was leaving Titus Worldwide.

Rumors have been flying around the WWE Universe about the possibility that Brooke was to leave Titus Worldwide with Crews, with the intention of acting as his manager. After last night’s scene, however, it looks like Brooke has other plans.

Brooke joined Titus Worldwide in Nov. 2017, joining the stable as the group’s statistician. Even though Brooke participated in a few of WWE’s women “firsts”, like the Battle Royal and Royal Rumble, she has yet to have a serious push as a singles competitor.

It looks like Brooke has that thought on her mind, as well, as she took to Twitter with her frustrations.

Brooke is not new to the scene. After a successful body fitness career, she was signed on to WWE’s developmental territory NXT. There she fought various superstars with various degrees of success from 2013 until 2016. In May of 2016, Brooke debuted on the Raw roster, and slowly got lost in numerous feuds with no titles to show for all the work.

With the sudden (hopeful) departure from Titus Worldwide, Brooke has a wide open road in front of her in terms of opportunities and possibilities. There’s three storylines we would love to see Dana Brooke apart of, now that she could be facing singles competition.