WWE Raw: Do We Need One More Championship On The Show?


WWE has seen an abundance of talent and the flagship show, WWE Raw, often has stars waiting on the sidelines for the spotlight. Is there room on the show for one more championship?

The WWE has seen an influx of talent, both from homegrown prospects and from around the world and other independent promotions as of late. The surge of established names and veteran stars in NXT has now resulted in the North American title being added to the show. Along with the NXT Championship and the United Kingdom Championship, the North American title now adds more pride and prestige to the developmental program.

But is it time to apply the same logic to the main roster as well? Especially on WWE Raw, despite the three-hour format, which is often criticized, a number of mid-card stars wait for a shot at being in the spotlight. This past week, the number of titles on the card was a major plot element. The babyface trio of the Shield holds both the singles titles on the show at the moment. However, the heels took this as an opportunity to pock fun at Dean Ambrose, who doesn’t have a title of his own.

With this proposed feud between Ziggler, McIntyre, and Strowman against the Shield, all the major titles on Monday nights are on the line. Where does that leave the rest of the roster? It’s not just Dean Ambrose who doesn’t have any gold around his waist. There are other quality wrestlers like Kevin Owens, Elias, and even Mojo Rawley who put on a spectacular performance during Seth Rollins’s IC Title open challenge.

Adding one more title to the show can help in a multitude of ways. The most obvious way to go about would be to have one on Dean as well, to complete the Hounds’s quest for gold. Moreover, with the three members defending their titles regularly in open challenges, the trio would define a new era and complete their promise that they are the three work horses that rule this era.

A title that was in the WWE only for a short time, but left with a handful of memories is the Hardcore title. The title slowly disappeared in 2006. Introduced in 1998, the Hardcore title produced a number of memorable matches and moments. Though today’s WWE, with its PG content cannot compete with that kind of intensity, it can still add spice to any card.

The infamous 24/7 rule of the Hardcore title back in the days (h/t Bleacher Report that compiled this summary in 2013) brought out the best in many stars with a multitude of superstars winning the title throughout the duration of the show. It was entertaining to say the least.

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Would adding one more title to the show solve the problems of lazy creative writing and lethargic show over all? Not necessarily. But at the least, it will give a handful of stars something to do while they wander around the mid-card without purpose or direction. Imagine the title being placed in the mix and people like Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens going after it to convince themselves of their relevance. What are your thoughts?