WWE Evolution: Five Potential Matches for Becky Lynch

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Credit: WWE.com

With all of the women’s titles in the company set to be defended at WWE Evolution, it’s very likely that Becky Lynch will have herself a guaranteed match at the company’s first ever Women’s Pay-Per-View.

We’re in a new era of Smackdown Live where Becky Lynch is the ruler of the roost and there’s not much any of the other women can do about it, even her former best friend Charlotte. With a new aggressive attitude and a title that she spent two years trying to get back and has no intention of letting go of, Becky might just be the most popular person on the roster either man or woman.

With Evolution coming up though, you have to wonder what Smackdown would have in mind for the Relent-Lass one. Will there be a repeat of previous matches or will we see something entirely new?

Let’s look at some possibilities for Becky’s potential opponent/victim for the Smackdown Women’s Championship from the Smackdown Live women’s roster… and beyond…

Credit: WWE.com

1. Charlotte (In a No DQ Match)

Smackdown Live is admittedly very guilty of running a feud back a million times before moving onto something else and it seems like Becky and Charlotte will be no exception. So if it’s getting the run back at Evolution after Becky has taken every possible opportunity to attack Charlotte, why not make it special? Make it some sort of No DQ stipulation that requires aggression and a decisive winner?

Honestly, it should be a cage match since the two didn’t actually get to be in the cell at Hell in a Cell. Just imagine Becky throwing Charlotte against the cage walls and Charlotte attempting a moonsault off the top of the cage, potentially sacrificing a win just to do it. It would be dramatic and fitting for such an event as Evolution.

It could also potentially be done as a Last Woman Standing match where the two have to aggressively beat the snot out of each other to win. If Charlotte has to feed into her own anger and sadness over Becky’s betrayal, this would be the best way to do it. Could Charlotte even outmatch Becky’s two years worth of pent up anger though?

Speaking of Last Woman Standing…