WWE SmackDown: What Lies Ahead For The Miz After His Super Show-Down Loss?


The Miz and Daniel Bryan faced each other in Australia with a shot at the WWE title on the line. After losing to Bryan decisively, what lies ahead for the Hollywood A-Lister?

The Miz had been involved in a program with Daniel Bryan over the Summer. The Hollywood A-Lister faced Bryan in singles competition at SummerSlam and later in a mixed tag team match at this year’s Hell in a Cell PPV. On both occasions, he managed to come on top against the odds of the popular babyface getting the win.

Miz faced Bryan one last time in Australia this past week. However, apart from their personal grudge, something else bigger than all personal rivalries in the WWE was on the line – a shot at the WWE title. When it mattered the most, Miz would fail to capitalize on the opportunity and lost the match by way of a roll-up despite having the upper hand more than once.

Daniel Bryan will now go on to face the WWE champion AJ Styles in what will undoubtedly be a classic match on SmackDown Live. But what about the Miz? He has no clear direction or motive or a gold to chase at the moment. He can’t possible challenge for the United States title, which is being held by another heel in Shinsuke Nakamura. However, him holding the mid-card title would potentially be a surefire way to bring back prestige and relevance to the US title. However, at the moment, it seems like a distant possibility and moreover, Miz deserves better, in the form of the WWE championship.

One could say he could perhaps move on to the tag team division, but the big question would be, alongside whom? There is no one on the roster on Tuesday nights who can reasonably be paired with him at the moment. This leads us to the big question; what lies ahead for the Miz?

The honest answer is nothing, but that is a good thing. Miz will be a top-level performer even with no direction and motive in time for WrestleMania season. He can potentially be a surprise winner for this year’s Royal Rumble. This will especially make sense if Daniel Bryan wins the WWE title from AJ Styles sometime between now and WrestleMania.

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A match at WrestleMania 35 for the WWE title which will also act the epic conclusion to their rivalry could be what is in the works. Until the Royal Rumble, Miz can pass time with talk shows and minor weekly feuds with the likes of Tye Dillinger and other midcard stars. Someone with his mic skills and star power can stay relevant without much trouble which is a positive for the Hollywood A-Lister.