10 Best WWE Tag Team Championship Matches Of All Time

WWE, Kurt Angle, Triple H (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)
WWE, Kurt Angle, Triple H (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images) /
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9. Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns – Raw October 14th, 2013

Much of 2013 was highlighted by the feud between The Rhodes Family and The Authority, with the latter often using The Shield as their Hounds of Justice to take on The Brotherhood. During the feud, Cody Rhodes was fired, while both Goldust and Dusty Rhodes failed to get Cody reinstated. This would culminate in a match at Battleground between The Brotherhood and The Shield, which the former won and as a result won their jobs back.

Newly reinstated, this also meant that since Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeated the Tag Team Champions at the pay-per-view, they were next in line for a shot at their titles. They would get their title match the following week on Raw in a No Disqualification match. With a crowd heavily invested from a well told storyline and two teams of four competent wrestlers involved, all the tools were in place for a hot match.

Seeing moments like Dean Ambrose interfering to help his brothers and Goldust cleaning house with a steel chair helped add some heat to this contest. Some would argue that seeing Big Show come down and knock out all The Shield members to help The Brotherhood win the titles hurt the match, but others would argue that the match worked despite of it.