WWE Evolution 2018: Top Ten Most Successful Female Wrestlers

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WWE Evolution 2018 is coming this Sunday, celebrating the power and strength of every woman wrestler who has made her mark on the business. Using purely statistical mathematics, here’s the top ten most successful female wrestlers in WWE history.

WWE Evolution 2018, the first-ever women’s only pay-per-view in WWE history, approaches this Sunday, Oct. 28, on the WWE Network.

Despite the heat that the Divas Division has received over the last few years, each female talent has help mold the industry and pave the way for future superstars. The list of important women in the wrestling industry is long and diverse.

However, as is natural in any athletic arena, some wrestlers have been more successful in their sport. The same holds true for the women who started the revolution. In order to properly pay respects to the women who started this movement, the top ten most successful female wrestlers will be ranked using purely statistical mathematics.

While calculating statistics and ranking wrestlers might be harder than a sport like football, it’s still possible. For the purpose of this ranking, five different categories were used: number of title reigns, years of service, number of matches, win percentage, and number of pay-per-view matches.

Years of service is used to show a wrestlers “staying power”, and number of matches and pay-per-view matches is used to show how strong the company’s faith is or was in the talent, as well as how successful they were in staying relevant and important to the roster. In other words, was the wrestler on top of her game and head of her class?

To keep the playing field level and consistent, for the purpose of this ranking, only fights within WWWF, WWF, WWE, and NXT will be considered. All recorded matches were used for calculations, not just matches featured on televised shows.

Matches fought as a “guest appearance” did not count towards years of service; only years with consistent in-ring appearances were tallied. All titles recognized by WWE and its past affiliates were tallied for title reigns. Number of pay-per-view matches includes NXT TakeOver events.

The top ten women wrestlers in each category were discovered and researched thoroughly. To find the most successful, the women who had the most top ten appearances in those categories were found, and then ranked by number of appearances.

If two women had the same amount of top ten appearances, consideration was given to how high they had ranked in each individual category and Hall of Fame status.

Information used for this ranking was derived from The Internet Wrestling Database and then cross-referenced with Wrestlingdata.com.

Each woman paved the way for future hopefuls in their own way. If a wrestler does not rank on this list, it does not mean she was not important to the women’s revolution. All women are detrimental to the development of an equal and valuable women’s division, regardless of pay-per-view appearances or title reigns.

It’s important to look at the Women’s Division with an objective view, however, so that the division can continue to grow and succeed. Those women at the top of the game? They deserve to be recognized.

Here’s the ranking for the top ten most statistically successful women wrestlers in WWE history.