Tama Tonga And The Bullet Club Are Out Here Recruiting Katsuya Kitamura


With The Elite (Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Cody, Marty and Hangman Page) leaving Bullet Club; Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa have been extensively researching and analysing the best of the best in NJPW, and they may have just found their newest member…

Yesterday, Tama Tonga tweeted a photo of himself and Tanga Loa proudly sporting the merch of Katsuya Kitamura, a Young Lion known for his size and intensity during matches. He asked if fans wanted to see the man involved in the future of Bullet Club.

Almost certainly intended as a light joke on the part of the current Bullet Club lads, the joke actually garnered a lot of positive attention from fans.

In replies to the tweet itself; many people responded with ‘YES, YES, YES’ or general praise for the idea. WWE Hall of Famer, Bully Ray actually replied, hinting at his support as well.

For those unaware of who Kitamura is; he is a Young Lion that wresles for New Japan Pro Wrestling; Young Lion being a term for the developmental talent who are learning the ropes and generally all wrestle in black and at the start of the show. Kitamura however has had a large amount of attention placed upon him due to his large size and impressive move-set.

This tweet however also could be a good sign for the 32-year old prospect. Kitamura hasn’t actually been on TV for most of 2018 due to an incredibly bad scooter accident he sustained back at the start of the year; crushing his leg and doctors were unclear if he was ever going to recover.

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This, whilst likely a casual joke from the Bullet Club members, could actually be a great sign whether or not we will see the 32 year old return to the ring in the near future; which would be a fantastic venture.