WWE 5 Burning Questions: What Lies Ahead For Kurt Angle?

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The stage has been set for Survivor Series next weekend by both the red and blue brands, with some loose ends still attached. What were the biggest questions the superstars of WWE Raw and SmackDown Live left behind this week?

The WWE put on a strong show this week as we got closer to Survivor Series. For the third time in a row, creative has opted to go with the war for brand supremacy. However, the Crown Jewel event held in Saudi Arabia took away a lot of time that could have been used to build towards a stronger Survivor Series PPV.

As of now, there will be the usual Champion vs. Champion matches and the traditional elimination matches featuring the men, women and tag divisions. This format, while entertaining has taken away all the room for individual storylines and personal battles at the PPV for the past three years.

This means that intriguing angles like Dean Ambrose’s unknown issues with Seth Rollins will need to take the back seat, while Rollins collides with the United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.

Much of Raw and SmackDown centered around coming up with the Survivor Series teams this week. Superstars were out there to either impress the team captains or earn their spot on the teams. When all was said and done, without a doubt SmackDown Live produced an intriguing show.

However, that does not take anything away from Raw as the show produced one of the better stories told inside the ring, thanks to Drew McIntyre who is evolving into a bigger star every time he steps into the ropes.

What were the biggest questions from this week though?