WWE Chronicle To Release Dean Ambrose Documentary


Immediately after NXT TakeOver: War Games on Nov. 17, the WWE Network will air the third episode in their documentary series WWE Chronicle, featuring Dean Ambrose.

On Nov. 9, it was announced by WWE Network News that WWE Chronicle would air the third episode in their series, this time featuring Dean Ambrose.

WWE Network News described the episode as a look “at the unpredictable Dean Ambrose”, and included an official synopsis:

"Get a candid look at Dean Ambrose’s life inside and outside the ring, including his epic return and his shocking betrayal of Seth Rollins."

The episode is sure to include Ambrose’s difficult progression back from injury, his return to the Shield, and the betrayal that shocked the WWE Universe.

Fans will remember his heel turn, which occurred on Oct. 22 on an episode of Raw; the same night Roman Reigns announced he would be relinquishing the Universal Championship to focus on an ongoing battle with leukemia.

After teaming up with Seth Rollins for the Raw Tag Team titles against Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler, Ambrose betrayed Rollins and attacked him immediately after the win. Since the startling act, there has been no clear explanation as to why Ambrose turned on Rollins.

The series, which blends kayfabe into an actual documentary, is an original show on the WWE Network known as a documentary series that chronicles a superstar and their journey with interviews and candid moments. The first two episodes of the series included pieces on Shinuske Nakamura before his WrestleMania match and Samoa Joe directly before his SummerSlam match in August.

WWE released the trailer for the televised event today, which has hyped social media into discussing the mystery that is the Lunatic Fringe.

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Check out Dean Ambrose’s journey directly after NXT TakeOver: War Games on Saturday, Nov. 17, starting at approximately 9:30 p.m. EST. Due to TakeOver, the start time could change.