WWE 5 Burning Questions: Will Braun Strowman Be Cleared In Time For TLC?

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The aftermath of WWE Survivor Series paved the way towards TLC. What are the biggest questions from Raw and SmackDown Live after the events of Survivor Series?

WWE left behind a trail of questions as Survivor Series came to an end. In the battle for brand supremacy, Raw completely annihilated SmackDown Live and came out with a clean sweep. The only win for Team Blue came in the pre-show during the tag team elimination match. But then again, judging my the quality of the tag division on both sides, I had already wondered if Raw ever stood a chance in this regard.

Daniel Bryan had much to tell the WWE Universe. Who would have thought he would turn heel at this point in time and dethrone AJ Styles, a few days before Survivor Series. Judging by the looks of it, creative intends to use his match and subsequent loss against Lesnar as a plot tool.

Equally captivating is the evolution of Charlotte, whom creative might be looking to get as over as Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey. A couple of weeks ago, Charlotte was having a personal crisis after getting defeated by her former best friend. Now, we are once again at the pleasure of seeing the Queen’s dark and cold-blooded side.

Raw has had its fine moments too, but the level of character progression and storytelling hasn’t been on par with what SmackDown has done. Dean Ambrose will be facing Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship at TLC. Will the title change hands at the PPV, or will Rollins get his retribution?

Speaking of retribution, will Strowman finally be able to get his hands on Baron Corbin? Will he even make it to TLC in fighting condition?