WWE 5 Burning Questions: Can Asuka Beat The Man And The Queen?

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We are just days away from the WWE TLC 2018 PPV. The show can have long-term implications in the WWE. What were the biggest questions left in the ring from Raw and SmackDown Live during the last leg of build towards the PPV?

TLC is almost here. WWE’s latest co-branded PPV will contain a host of matches that use tables, ladders and chairs and at times, all of them at once. While the level of brutality has certainly toned down, the matches are entertaining nevertheless. With hot angles and characters like the New Daniel Bryan and the Man Becky Lynch, the show will not doubt be good.

Both of the said performers are from SmackDown Live. It goes without saying that the blue brand has been doing a better of job of creating and maintaining star power that its counterpart. As such, a multitude of questions this week are from Raw. The show has lacked the spark that would force the fans to really sink their teeth into what is unfolding in front of them. Hopefully, a few changes in the authority angle can fix this to an extent.

Braun Strowman hasn’t returned to the ring yet and we can be sure that the WWE would want to keep an aura of mystery around the Monster Among Men’s return at TLC. Raw hasn’t had much else going for it in recent weeks. The feud between Ambrose and Rollins is cooling off and personally am finding it difficult to invest more in Ambrose’s heel work. Perhaps it is because he is trying too hard with different elements in his act every week.

Anyhow, let’s get to the biggest questions from the WWE this week.