WWE SmackDown Live: Results, Review, and Grades for December 18th

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WWE SmackDown Live is back, fresh off of a huge TLC victory for new SmackDown Women’s Champion, Asuka! Will WWE and Commissioner Shane McMahon have any big changes in store for the Blue Brand coming off of Raw’s shake-up last night?

WWE SmackDown brought it at TLC this Sunday. Between the triple threat match between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and our NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka, the WWE Championship Match between that New New Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles, and the Tag Team Triple Threat… boy, was TLC one of 2018’s best for SmackDown Live.

Now, however, it’s time to put everything into gear and drive it full speed ahead towards Royal Rumble! SmackDown had the first officially announced entrants into either Royal Rumble match next month, after Carmella and R-Truth won the Mixed Match Challenge finale this weekend at TLC.

Not to mention, Ronda Rousey make a pretty emphatic statement but messing with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair during their match. Will this have stake in how things fair for the three women at the Rumble? I’m sure we’ll find out tonight!

The New Daniel Bryan is still definitely the WWE Champion after a big win in a rematch against AJ Styles on Sunday. Daniel Bryan will be live tonight on SmackDown, undoubtedly prepared to warn us all of the environmental dangers of vaping and thing like that. I read on Twitter that Saturn’s rings are disappearing – bonus points if somehow DB tries to spin that one as our fault.

The real heart of the matter is, what does the future have to hold for Daniel Bryan and the WWE Championship. AJ has to effectively be out of the Championship picture now, right? So, who steps up to the plate next?

There’s also the factor of the McMahon overhaul that Raw got last night, which Commissioner Shane McMahon seemed to be keen on extending into SmackDown. Will we be seeing some new faces on SmackDown Live this evening or the weeks to come? Is SmackDown GM Paige’s position in danger?

Tune in for all this and more tonight on SmackDown Live, airing on the USA Network at 8PM/7PM Central, and be sure to check back here with us for live updates, reviews, results, and grades for all of tonight’s action!