WWE 5 Burning Questions: Will The WWE Truly Commit To A Change?

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Following up on the events of TLC, Vince McMahon himself would return to television and promised a new era of change. What are the biggest questions from this week in the aftermath of this recent development?

The edition of WWE Raw and SmackDown Live before the holidays looked to usher in a new era in the business. The events of TLC ensured that Baron Corbin was no longer an Authority figure on Monday nights. The show felt fresh and vignettes about the upcoming NXT call-ups and returning superstars created some intrigue.

On Monday, Seth Rollins continued to progress his feud with Dean Ambrose while also venturing into other territories by rising as a spokesperson for the locker room against Baron Corbin’s tyrannical reign of terror. Rollins will face Corbin once again next week. Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler were at the receiving end of a beat-down at the hands of the Scottish Psychopath after a grueling match. The night concluded with Natalya picking up an impressive and notable victory to earn a shot at Ronda Rousey and her title.

On Tuesday nights though, the effects ran much deeper. Paige was relieved of her duties as General Manager. But why? I don’t understand the need for such a move. Elsewhere, the tag division found new life as the likes of Anderson, Gallows and Sanity made their presence felt. We were also in store for a surprise in the form of Mustafa Ali for the second week in a row. But the Heart of 205 Live may have gone a little too far with his execution of 054. That is our first question for the week.