12 Days of WWE’s Best: Velveteen Dream Knows How To Send a Message


Today on my list of the best of WWE in 2018, Velveteen Dream reminded you that he deserves to be on the main roster any chance he got, and we heard him load and clear.

You know it. I know it. The dream definitely knows it. Since his arrival in WWE NXT, The Velveteen Dream has been an invaluable moving part of what makes NXT the most exciting WWE brand.

Velveteen’s charisma and finesse have gone unmatched within the ranks of NXT for so long that we’ve all started to ask ourselves, “so, when is this guy finally making it up to the main roster?”

It was apparent this year at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV that the Dream has been thinking the same thing. Dream’s been known to where the most creative and relevant ring attire in all of his big matches, but his Takeover: Brooklyn attire was probably his best yet. Dream came out to the ring, and emphatically written across his posterior was “Call Me Up, Vince.”

I remember watching this match live in the Barclays Center and being way to far up to read his pants, but the new still slowly trickled up to all of us in the upper sections from those down below, all of us floored and quite frankly, proud of Velveteen. I mean, we all thought it, didn’t we? You can’t shame the guy in any way for knowing he’s already got what it takes to make it on the main roster.

The weird part, however, was that… apparently the higher-ups at WWE were not supposed to comment on it? They didn’t know it was happening? They weren’t prepared for it? Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet had this to say of Triple H’s reaction to Velveteen’s gear:

The best part of this whole story is that apparently, WWE has no idea what their performers are going to wear in the ring until they’re, well, in the ring, or they played confused like they didn’t tell him what to wear to the ring for… profit? I don’t know.

Velveteen didn’t stop there though. As recently as this week, Dream began another crusade to get WWE to pay attention to the fact that we want him on the main roster.

After the McMahon’s announced that we, the WWE Universe, would have more control than ever over what we see on WWE programming and the announcement of a new slew of NXT call-ups arriving very soon, Dream took to social media to get viewer to affectively spam WWE with request to finally bring him to the main roster.

For his tireless efforts to get himself thrust into a spotlight he very rightfully deserves, Velveteen Dream was another one of my favorites in WWE this year. Velveteen’s character is the most unique and the most original WWE in its entirety has right now, and the fact that WWE hasn’t put him on the main roster when the guy it as hot as ever is a tad baffling.

Not to mention, the fact that WWE seeming downplays all of Dream’s attempts to rally for himself are a little iffy. I mean, I understand that going right after the CEO of the company, calling out, and telling him what to do aren’t exactly going to do you any favors…

BUT when you think about why Velveteen’s doing it, doesn’t make sense to, I don’t know, push him as much as you can? We love Velveteen Dream, and he’s demanding his own call-up to get us excited enough for him that WWE can see that we love him.

To downplay his efforts (i.e. making up Vince, friend of Velveteen Dream who lost his phone, and Velveteen deleted the above-mentioned tweets) is kind of to prove that WWE really isn’t willing to listen to us as much as they let on. At least, not yet.

Is 2019 the Year of the Dream? I mean, undoubtedly. It all seems worth it when you think about just how much bigger the pop for Dream will be when he debuts on the main roster the longer we wait. He’ll be a breath of fresh air on the main roster, and his unbelievable agility along with his irreplaceable character will certainly be eagerly-awaited.

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So, Velveteen Dream, keep standing up for yourself and refusing to ignore the fact that the main roster needs you well into 2019, and I can’t wait ’til your friend Vince finds his phone and calls you.