WWE: Top 10 Feel Good Moments of 2018

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Credit: WWE.com

Whether it was Daniel Bryan’s return to the ring or the women being flat-out awesome, WWE had its fair share of feel-good moments in 2018.

It is pretty easy to be down on WWE at any given time. Between the brutal work schedule, bad writing, and deals with regimes that kill journalists, I don’t blame anyone for giving up on WWE this year.

However, in between all those moments, there were lots of moments to feel good about: long-awaited victories, storyline payoffs, returns no one would have ever predicted, and just moments of solidarity that felt impossible as few as five years ago.

In the process of deciding the top feel-good moments of the year, there was a lot of stuff that had to get left out. For example, the respect shown between opponents in the Mae Young Classic – like with Mercedes Martinez and Meiko Satomura, Reina Gonzalez and Kacy Catanzaro, or Karen Q and Xia Li –are among the honorable mentions.

Kairi Sane giving a hug to her best friend Io Shirai after she locked in her place for Evolution also got us all in our feelings for sure. Another emotional moment of respect was when Asuka congratulated Charlotte for beating her at WrestleMania 34, even if John Cena undercut the moment seconds later.

While it wasn’t quite feel-good in a traditional sense, Becky Lynch also deserves an honorable mention for coming into her own in 2018. By taking out Charlotte Flair and realizing her own worth, Lynch went from being a popular fan favorite to a supernova level star. SmackDown Live may be the house that AJ Styles built, but in the words of GIF maker TDE Wrestling, “[Lynch] is the one charging rent.”

If you had been following Lynch since NXT or even since she broke onto the main roster, watching this progression definitely feels good.

With the honorable mentions out of the way, let’s get to the main list…