WWE: Top 10 Feel Good Moments of 2018

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Credit: WWE.com

10. Mixed Match Challenge, Season 2

In January, WWE started an experimental program on Facebook Watch called WWE Mixed Match Challenge. The format featured wrestlers from Raw and SmackDown Live’s men’s and women’s rosters being paired together as mixed tag teams in a tournament. The first season was single-elimination for charity and the second was a round robin playoff system for the coveted #30 spot in the winning team’s respective Royal Rumbles.

What ensued in both seasons, though, was a super fun exercise in what happens when you let WWE wrestlers loose to have fun in their matches.

Dance contests, fights over who was the team captain, Asuka constantly yelling at Miz to preserve her streak, Charlotte Flair chopping Rusev as hard as she could, Finn Balor and Bayley rekindling their magic from NXT in the second season, Carmella literally giving Asuka a giant L like something from Sesame Street, and AJ Styles getting taken out by women literally every match he was in only begins to scratch the surface on the things that occurred during the MMC.

No matter what was happening in the main roster, you could always expect the Mixed Match Challenge to bring a happy smile and a silly sense of humor, even when things in WWE felt super down.