(1) Notification: Bianca Belair is Still Un-de-fea-ted in WWE NXT


On last night’s episode of WWE NXT, Bianca Belair earned her way to a championship match with Shayna Baszler at NXT Takeover: Phoenix, and NXT took to Instagram today to “remind” you that Bianca is not to be taken lightly.

It was a Thursday afternoon. I was neck-deep in paperwork at the office, running around frantically for what felt like a dogged eternity, when from over in a darkened corner my phone illuminated.

I groaned – another Slack Notification?! Another text message from an unsaved number asking me to run an errand?! I hurried over and ripped the phone from the desk, huffing as I opened the notification.

My expression softened; my mouth surprisingly managed a soft smile as I looked down at the screen. I had almost forgotten. The weight of the world had almost left me too jaded and cold to remember the sweetest things in life. I felt a unassuming tear rolling downwards on my face at the reminder that the world is still an okay place:

Bianca Belair is still-un-de-fea-ted.

After quite the match last night against Mia Yim, Io Shirai, and Lacey Evans, Bianca Belair won the opportunity to challenge NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler at NXT Takeover: Phoenix next month.

In her typical fashion, Belair once again proved why she’s considered the “EST” of NXT, adding again to her list of only wins on the yellow brand.

I can only hope that somewhere, probably in the general vicinity of Orlando, FL, that the current NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler was enjoying her day when she got that alert on her phone. Subsequently, she should have felt even a twinge of discomfort, which will likely grow as we grow closer to TakeOver: Philadelphia.

That’s because Bianca Belair is undefeated, and you should bet on the fact that Belair will do whatever it takes to stay undefeated. Just a reminder.