12 Days of WWE’s Best: Women’s Royal Rumble Brings Together Generations of Hard-Workers


Aa-aand lastly on my list of WWE’s Best of 2018, WWE kicked off the year right in 2018 by hosting the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble, bringing together the women of today and yesterday to celebrate the hurdles they conquered together.

Well, fam, it’s been a very long twelve days, hasn’t it? Yet, here we are at the finale of my 12 Days of WWE Christmas series, and I tried to make the finale the metaphoric partridge in a pair tree, so to speak.

2018 was a very big year for the ladies of WWE this year, and it began immediately in January with the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match at the Wells Fargo Center.

In this series, I’ve talked before about how inspiring Evolution was for bringing together the women of WWE Present and WWE Past, and for the most part the Women’s Royal Rumble offered us the same sentiment.

The Women’s Royal Rumble, however, did have way more of an emotional edge of Evolution for me. Evolution was special because the women got to really shine and have their own stage.

The Women’s Royal Rumble, to me, was different because it was a step closer to women’s being truly equal to their male counterparts on the roster. Since the inception of the Women’s Revolution, the women’s roster made one step at a time towards showing audiences how phenomenally talented they are.

We had a Hell In A Cell Match, a Last Woman Standing Match in NXT, but before the Royal Rumble, it was clear that WWE was only to give the ground-breaking moments to only a few women at a time.

The Women’s Royal Rumble in my eyes was really the first time WWE recognized that not only do we trust two-to-four of the women on our roster to carry the ground-breaking matches, but we have a roster full of women who deserve to be a part of history and can carry such a monumental match.

WRR was a waving flag flown by the women’s roster that said we can all, all thirty of us, take a match that the men before us made great, and we can do it just as well as you can, and we can main-event with it.

It was also such a fun way to get a glimpse of so many “dream matches” – Trish vs. Sasha, Bayley vs. Ivory, Trish vs. Mickie again, Sasha vs. Lita, the list goes on. It served as such a great way to acknowledge the contributions of all the women of WWE in a fast-paced way, a way that celebrated wrestling for being wrestling instead of looking at it as simple nostalgia.

We’re less than a month away from the second Women’s Royal Rumble, and in the year that’s passed, the women of WWE have yet again raised the bar with their performances. There is quite frankly is no need to to include women of the past (though their presence will always be welcomed), because the current roster is completely packed with abounding talent.

This year’s Women’s Royal Rumble will be different because the last one demanded that WWE invest the time in making their women’s division the best in the world. There are now plenty more women with the company who can step up and show the world why women deserved everything they attained in 2018.

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I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again – 2018 was the Year of Woman in WWE, from beginning to end, and their’s only room to go upward from here.