WWE 5 Burning Questions: Has The Age Of Anti Heroes Arrived?

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Credit: WWE.com

The WWE welcomed the new year with a block buster show that saw big returns and engaging segments. The promised change has been reflecting all over the WWE. What were the biggest questions left behind on Raw and SmackDown Live this week?

A week ago, the WWE promised change and fresh start which offered to shakeup the landscape of the company. It would supposedly showcase fresh starts, fresh match-ups and new faces.

Creative looked to continue the trend this week on both shows. The last Raw of 2018 and the first SmackDown Live of 2019 were both better than what we had come to see from creative in recent times.

On Monday night, we once again saw the ascension of Seth Rollins as the potential new face of Raw. Looking to cash in on his rematch clause against the current Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose, ‘The Architect’ was confronted by none other than ‘The Game’ Triple H.

The show featured a new face of Rollins as a more ruthless and aggressive side of ‘The Architect’ was on display. We also saw the same ruthlessness from Drew McIntyre who picked up another signature victory.

Tuesday though, continued to build around ‘The Man’. In a segment that wouldn’t have been possible two years ago in the WWE, Becky Lynch confronted John Cena in the midst of his return promo and took the verbal fight to the sixteen time World Champion.

The show also produced an excellent Fatal Five way match that could have potentially produced a number of new feuds as we move further into 2019.

Without further delay, let us dive into this week’s questions, the first of which involves the automatic rematch clause that was removed from programming just a week ago.