AEW: Hangman Page vs PAC is Destined To Be An Elite Main Event

All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing Rally was quite a revealing show in that it painted a vivid picture for what the future of AEW will look like going forward. The rally highlighted how bright the future looks for AEW thanks to  progressive announcements, stellar signings, and some awe-inspiring guest appearances. One of those guest appearances manifested in the form of PAC.

Just as Hangman Page took hold of the mic to stake his claim for the AEW Championship, a wild PAC appeared to do some jaw jacking of his own. Perhaps more shocking than his appearance was the fact that the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion came outside in full wrestling gear. Bless his heart; it’s 64°F in Jacksonville, FL. The Geordie had to be freezing.

Anyway, Page and PAC shared a staredown as the latter raised his Open the Dream Gate Championship high in the former’s face. PAC not only reminded Page that he’s already a champion, but declared that the Hangman “couldn’t even lace [PAC’s] boots.”

Just as Page looked as if he was itching for a fight, The King of the Cruiserweights walked away. To be continued, so it appears.

No official announcement has been made yet, but it looks like AEW has its first big-money main event on its hands. Quite frankly, booking PAC and Hangman Page in a program with each other is arguably the smartest thing the boys at AEW have done since opening up shop.

Judging by all of AEW’s signees thus far, PAC is the hottest act on the roster that isn’t named Chris Jericho. It also helps that PAC does a phenomenal job playing a heel. Alternatively, Page is a likable chap. So likable that it’d be easy to build a company around him if AEW ever so chose to.

We could be looking at AEW’s next respective top heel and top babyface. That isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s smart on behalf of those AEW boys to tease a match like this as something to be featured in their main event picture. The idea of a match like this is an easy sell simply for the athletes involved. Plus, the thought of these two trading verbal jabs on the mic for a full blown championship rivalry is too enticing for AEW to not capitalize on.

And don’t even get me started on the magic that these two can produce in the middle of any ring. Over the course of the last year, Page continued to improve his craft and has morphed from the Bullet Club’s resident young boy into a main event caliber superstar. PAC, on the other hand, has long been heralded as an underappreciated performer in greener pastures. Since leaving those pastures, PAC has successfully traveled the globe to showcase his ability on multiple main event platforms.

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There is money on the wall in a PAC vs Page program and The Elite would be foolish not to make a grab for it. AEW have an opportunity to earn its first taste of industry wide acclaim with a main event like this that could get the whole wrestling world buzzing.

After that confrontation, PAC vs Page seems etched in stone at this point. The only question for now is where and when will it take place? Will it be at Double or Nothing in Las Vegas on May 25?

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