WWE 5 Burning Questions: Will Becky Lynch Confront Ronda Rousey?

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The final leg of the build towards WWE Royal Rumble hit all the right spots, building anticipation for the night’s key bouts. But what were the biggest questions left behind though?

We are merely a few days away from Royal Rumble which will kickstart WWE’s road to WrestleMania 35. The final leg of hype and build towards the PPV was the focus on Monday and Tuesday. While Raw focused on two of its top babyfaces, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, SmackDown Live highlighted a number of superstars who could each, on their night, win the Rumble.

Raw opened with one of Brock Lesnar’s rare appearances and with Vince McMahon questioning Finn Balor’s chances against someone like Lesnar. One of my prominent questions from the week before was whether Balor would bring out The Demon at the Rumble. As it stands, it appears he will not. Regardless, Balor put his money where his mouth is and shut down any doubts of him going toe-to-toe with a bigger opponent.

SmackDown Live was its usual self, with red-hot angles and brawls and an RKO out of nowhere. After weeks of not showing, Randy Orton made his presence felt. Now, if only he would set his eyes of AJ Styles already. Elsewhere, Becky Lynch and Asuka now have more reasons to hate each other and rip each other apart come Sunday, thanks in particular to Charlotte. The Man’s quest to regain her title will undoubtedly be the biggest story heading into the Rumble.