Stardom Legend Kris Wolf Announces Her Retirement


Everyone’s favourite wolf, meat enthusiast and Stardom legend Kris Wolf has announced that her upcoming tour will be her last.

In her four years on the indie scene Kris Wolf has fast become one of the most beloved faces in women’s wrestling. A true wrestling nomad, Wolf has been a staple not only of Stardom, but of a wide range of indie promotions worldwide, from Pro Wrestling EVE to Shimmer, winning people over with her unique promos, her in-ring shenanigans and of course, her furry friend Tito. Her fans are legion, and it’s both surprising and sad to hear that she’s ready to call it a day.

In a special edition of her Wolf Wednesday livestream, Wolf explained that she’d been suffering some troubling symptoms as a result of concussions obtained throughout her career.

“I think now would be a good time to peace out before I completely lose my mind,” Wolf says, of her symptoms, which have included blackouts, memory issues and visual issues.

Wolf married her partner in January, which has undoubtedly factored into her decision to call it a day. It’s impossible to begrudge her the choice; at 34 years old Wolf deserves to spend many happy and healthy years with her wife, and if stepping away from the ring is the best way to facilitate that, then she deserves our full support, regardless of how heartbroken we may be to lose her.

“My heart wants to take care of my head,” Wolf said, during her livestream. “Concussions suck. And the scary thing is that 40 years later, your personality may have been well affected by the concussions, and you don’t realise it.” In an industry where concussion remains a hot-button topic, Wolf is absolutely right to put herself and her long-term health first.

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In her video, Wolf mentioned the possibility of a farewell show in London. It seems right and proper that the wrestling industry recognise this beloved talent – let’s hope that Kris Wolf and her partner in crime Tito get the rapturous send-off they deserve as they come to the end of their pro-wrestling tenure. And let’s hope this won’t be the last we see of the most entertaining wolf ever to set foot in the ring.