Women of Wrestling Grades: Santana Garrett Is An Awesome Champion

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Credit: WOWE.com

Women Of Wrestling made their national television debut with season 5 on AXS TV. With the women’s evolution in full swing, DailyDDT will grade each episode of WOW, starting with the fourth episode of the season, airing on Feb. 8.

Women of Wrestling (WOW) announced in June that they would air season 5 on a national television channel, AXS TV, for the first time since the conception of the all-women professional wrestling promotion. WOW debuted on AXS TV Jan. 18.

Starting with the fourth episode of the season, which aired on Feb. 8, Kristen Ashly and Joe Soriano will grade each match from the weekly episodes of WOW, providing analysis and insight for those unable to watch.

Beverly Hills Babe With Lana Star vs. Eye Candy

Kristen: The Beverly Hills Babe and Lana Star both seemingly represent what most women who love sports and athleticism despise: superficial and artificial greatness. As a woman who strives to support women’s wrestling, the gimmick behind the two is a little cumbersome. That being said, Beverly Hills Babe is such an extreme talent, and steals the show with every fight she participates in. Her background in other promotions add to her flare within the ring. Add the relationship with Lana to the mix, and WOW has their perfect heel duo.

Eye Candy is limber and fierce in the ring, and complimented BHB’s brutal force with agile swiftness. The two put on a show for the audience, and as an opening match for the episode, it keep our attention and our bodies in our seats for the rest of the show.

Joe: I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic between Beverly Hills Babe and Lana Star, especially what we saw in the backstage promo between them while they were taking selfies. Star clearly sees herself as the most important woman in WOW, and she kind of uses Beverly Hills Babe as a pawn. Based on how frequently she was interfering in this match, I got the sense that she didn’t think too highly of Beverly Hills Babe’s ability to get the job done against Eye Candy, though Amber O’Neal is, in reality, one of the most accomplished in the game.

This was an enjoyable match, and Eye Candy really is one of the most fun wrestlers on this planet. She’s freaking awesome and deserves the world. Everything about her character clicks, and she just brings me so much joy. Her and O’Neal did a nice job in the ring, and I loved how much I hated Star’s constant interference. Beverly Hills Babe’s backslide pin was a nice way to end the match, and the promo from Star afterwards is definitely worth watching. I have a feeling Beverly Hills Babe and Lana Star will have a falling out at some point, but we’ll see.

Grade: A-