WWE: Sonya Deville Would Benefit Most From Fire And Desire Break-up

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Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images /

At WWE Fastlane, Sonya Deville attempted to help tag teammate Mandy Rose during her match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Asuka. The attempt to interfere backfired, but Deville would benefit from the potential fallout.

Tonight during WWE Fastlane, Asuka was scheduled to defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against one part of Fire & Desire, Mandy Rose.

During the match, Rose’s tag team partner Sonya Deville attempted to interfere several times to help give Rose an edge over Asuka, winning the belt.

While looking for a prop to help Rose win the match, Sonya pulled out a kendo stick, and propped up the apron inside the ring. Asuka delivers a deadly knee to the face, and Rose runs to the other side of the ring with the momentum. Rose slips on the apron, tripping and falling, making it easy for Asuka to capitalize on the opportunity, and pins Rose for the win, retaining the title.

While walking up the ramp and out of the arena, Deville tries to apologize and talk to Rose, but it’s clear that Rose blames Deville for the loss, looking like the beginning of the end of Fire & Desire is near.


Simply put, Deville would be better off not tied to Rose for multiple reasons.

Deville has been widely-known to be the most technically skilled of the two, shining in matches and coming off as a strong singles opponent. While it’s true Deville hasn’t exactly had a winning record in matches without Rose, she’s not able to stand as a singles opponent and work as one when she’s tied to another Superstar.

Let’s face it; Deville would be better off separated from the storylines Rose has been degraded into. While it’s not fair to blame Rose for the low-key sexist and high-key gross storylines she’s thrown into, the matter of the fact is that WWE fully intends to further those man-dependent storylines; as can be clearly seen with the introduction of EC3 in backstage bits with Rose during Fastlane.

With the separation of Rose and Deville, Deville wouldn’t be required to succumb to living in the shadow of such gross gimmicks. The WWE Universe might actually be able to see Deville as a real championship-level competitor and contender, something the fans have yet to see.

Deville has also stood tall for the LGBQT community, after she came out as WWE’s first openly-lesbian wrestler. Her role in the community is an important one, and keeping her as a solo competitor will help LGBTQ representation in wrestling greatly.

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There will be a lot of fans upset if Rose and Deville do indeed separate, especially after the women’s tag team titles are concrete. However, the women’s divisions in all WWE territories are tag team heavy. Let Deville spread her wings as a singles competitor. Because it’s also for the betterment of the industry.