WWE NXT is using a Slipknot song as its theme, and it’s too perfect

WWE NXT has done a fantastic job of showcasing the best artists in hard rock – and a few other genres – during its existence, so it’s only fitting that its new theme song comes courtesy of one of modern metal’s (OK, we’ll go with “hard rock, since some of you don’t think they’re “metal enough” for whatever) greatest bands.

With Billie Eilish’s “you should see me in a crown” headlining the theme song choices for WWE NXT TakeOver: New York on Friday, the Black and Yellow brand has once again got it absolutely right with their NXT Loud themes at the upcoming TakeOver Special. (I’ll let a generic Disturbed song slide, because, well, there’s the nostalgia factor with them.)

Per WWE.com, NXT’s weekly television show, which airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on the WWE Network, has a new theme song. And it’s a song you’ve probably heard of if you’re into hard rock.

Slipknot’s “All Out Life” is NXT’s new theme song, and with all due respect to the brand’s previous themes, this is a massive upgrade.

We’ve been waiting for WWE to give its third brand a truly special theme song, and “All Out Life” is a popular, recognizable track to the WWE Universe that should soon become tightly linked to the promotion’s most beloved brand.

WWE has uploaded the intro video that features “All Out Life”, and it’s awesome. It was almost surreal to see Matt Riddle, Johnny Gargano, Kairi Sane, Io Shirai, and future NXT Women’s Champion Bianca Belair featured prominently in an intro video featuring a Slipknot song. Slipknot’s lead singer Corey Taylor is, of course, a lifelong wrestling fan, so this musth have been a cool opportunity for him, too.

(Also shoutout to Eric Bugenhagen, who listened to so many great hard rock tracks while lifting in his videos on YouTube and was a big part of this vid.)

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I can’t wait to hear “All Out Life” and watch this intro video every Wednesdays. Yes, I was the kid who grew up listening to “Surfacing” and “Disasterpiece” at the bus stop, so this is kind of a dream come true to see two of my worlds collide in this way. And I’m sure I’m not alone in that!

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