WWE WrestleMania 35: Carmella was a nice surprise, but Nikki Cross deserved better

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The women’s Battle Royal took place during the pre-show of WWE WrestleMania 35. Carmella’s win was a nice surprise, but Nikki Cross deserved better.

To the surprise of no one, the WWE WrestleMania 35 women’s Battle Royal took place in the pre-show, rounding out the first hour.

As always, there were a few surprise entrants, some shocking eliminations, and an unexpected winner.

This year, the winner of the women’s Battle Royal was the Princess of Staten Island: Carmella.

The ending and crowning of the winner was quite unexpected. The last three women standing were Asuka, Sonya Deville, and Sarah Logan; or so we thought. After Deville and Asuka were eliminated, Logan started celebrating, as did the rest of the WWE Universe. Carmella popped out from out of nowhere, telling everyone, “Not so fast.”

Carmella as a winner came as a pleasant surprise, since the former SmackDown Women’s Champion has been reduced to R-Truth’s valet and mixed gender tag team match partner. Though the Battle Royal has no implications for a title race, the win marks an answer to a growing interest in involving Carmella in a singles storyline.

The final three women in the ring seemed to be a response to the recent cry of fans for Deville and members of the Riott Squad to finally get their time to shine. Asuka was certainly the person picked most to win the battle royal, after she lost her title last minute to Charlotte Flair, but almost no one expected Logan and Deville to round out the apparent top three.

Where fans were most disappointed, it seems, was how quickly Nikki Cross was eliminated.

The Twisted Sister was recently called up to the main roster, and hasn’t been properly showcased, since.

Every week, we see Lacey Evans, another recent call-up, paraded around without any real in-ring action, and Cross is almost outright ignored. With the talent and experience behind Cross, she’s been heavily pushed by fans for more screen time.

The Scottish wrestler has been fighting for over 11 years, and her gimmick is already needed for the face-heavy main roster.

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Though Cross was eliminated fairly early, we’re still happy to see so many women getting their time to shine in this year’s “Show of Shows”.