Listing The Best Matches From All 35 WrestleManias

WWE Champion “The New” Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston. Photo Credit:
WWE Champion “The New” Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston. Photo Credit: /
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A consideration of the immortal matches from the ‘Showcase of Immortals.’

On April 7, WWE presented WrestleMania 35, the latest edition of the crown jewel (no pun intended) in the sports entertainment juggernaut’s empire. Since 1985, the company has annually presented the biggest wrestling show of the year. The combination of spectacle and sport has created an incredible number of memorable moments and matches over the years.

As the show has grown both in stature and length, it goes without saying that not every match presented has been a shining star or an unforgettable “WrestleMania Moment.” In fact, for every bona fide classic that has been presented at the event, there are several that are forgettable or even total duds.

That said, however, each and every installment of the “Granddaddy of them All” has had at least one match that could make a valid claim to greatness. Here, we will consider the best match from each show.

Obviously these choices are entirely subjective, but have been based on a combination of in-ring quality and historical significance. As not all shows are created equal, it should be stated that not all of these matches are equally good and not all of them are good in the same way; some matches make the list based solely on significance and spectacle, while others may not be as well remembered, but make up for that with pure technical mastery.

Additionally, some years will feature an “honorable mention” for a match that would likely have made the list had they occurred in another year, but which just barely missed making the cut.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s wind back the clock and revisit the matches that should be your essential viewing for WrestleMania.