WWE: AJ Styles versus Ricochet is the feud we need

WWE, AJ Styles (Photo by Che Rosales/Getty Images)
WWE, AJ Styles (Photo by Che Rosales/Getty Images) /

AJ Styles versus Ricochet is the type of match that everyone wants to see, and a perfect way to introduce the new WWE United States champion.

Exceeding expectations is a great surprise, and that is exactly what occurred with many aspects of WWE Stomping Grounds.

By the end of the night, there was a lot to take from this event that was a throwaway PPV. One of the biggest moments came with Ricochet defeated Samoa Joe for the United States title.

Before the ramifications of that win could subside, WWE teased a potential angle between the new champion and top star, AJ Styles. The minute they were on screen together, we all knew that this is the feud that we need.

Ricochet and Joe battled for 12 minutes in a hard-hitting match. Their styles meshed very well together as Joe bodied the smaller man for much of the match.

Toward the end, things got faster paced and the tides turned; climaxing with Ricochet getting the title after his famed 630 splash.

The United States title may not get featured like it should, but it’s been placed on a long line of men that can put on an impressive work rate between the ropes. Ricochet is the next name in a long line of athletes, that include Styles who has held the belt two times.

Styles has been off television in recent months due to a speculated injury. He’s been back on TV as of late, but the interesting caveat is that The Club, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, have come back to TV as well. This has kicked off the rumors that the WWE is looking for a way to put the group back together.

When Gallows, Anderson and Styles were all announced to be coming over to the WWE, fans were excited over the idea that some iteration of The Bullet Club is coming as well.

WWE Creative did take that direction initially but pulled back when Styles was pulled from the group. That step caused both Gallows and Anderson to fall off television while Styles stock continued to climb as one of the best talents on the roster.

Its that stock that makes the pairing between Styles and Ricochet perfect. Everything about how they work their matches exudes excitement for fans watching and those in attendance.

They can keep pace with each other in nearly every facet of the match, but Styles, Gallows and Anderson can help elevate Ricochet in the storytelling and character development angle.

WWE Creative struggles to get babyface wrestlers over more times than not. Putting a face against a credible, character-driven foil always helps, and that’s exactly what Styles can be for Ricochet.

Before the night was over, WWE announced that Ricochet and Styles are set to met in a non-title match. Regardless of the outcome, there’s no way that his is a one-off situation. Styles and Ricochet can put on a match of the year candidate any time they face off against each other.

Look back to their great match at House of Glory in 2014 as an example to what fans are in store to see. Go back and watch that match to get hyped for what the WWE Universe is in store for starting Monday.

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Ricochet has everything needed to break the NXT to main roster curse. He’s taken steps in the right direction, and getting the United States title on Sunday is a huge push.

Now, AJ Styles is the next guy up, and this is a WrestleMania-quality feud ready for the booking. Sit back and enjoy two of the best in the business hopefully give us the matches we all know they can.