AEW Dynamite: Nyla Rose vs. Riho revolutionized wrestling

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The Inaugural Women’s Championship match of Nyla Rose vs Riho revolutionized wrestling during the premiere of AEW Dynamite on TNT, and opened the door for further diversity in the industry.

On AEW Dynamite’s premiere, we were treated to the inaugural Women’s Championship Match between Nyla Rose and Riho.  The match didn’t disappoint. It was an incredible feat to witness as Riho defeat Nyla Rose to become AEW’s first Women’s Champion.

Unless you avoided social media like the plague, you are probably aware the discussion leading up to this match was filled with controversy. Some argued Nyla Rose’s role was nothing more than a publicity stunt to brand AEW as a progressive company. Others argued Riho was not a believable challenger due to her size difference.

Nyla Rose versus Riho revolutionized wrestling. The match may have not been a spectacle with crazy spots. It may not had any gimmicks. But it made history because AEW showcased diverse female talent with no questions asked.

In a world where transgender, nonbinary, and gender fluid individuals face incredible adversities, it is so important for inclusion and acceptance. AEW has done a phenomenal job with continuing to push Nyla Rose for her athleticism.

In fact, Cody and Brandi Rhodes weren’t aware Rose is transgender until after they signed her.

Riho, on the other hand, comes from the world of Joshi. She has been wrestling since she was nine years old. Her wrestling style is incredibly different from Nyla. She is a true underdog, but her fighting spirit lights up an entire stadium. Her reign as AEW Women’s Champion will bring more eyes on her and on other Joshi wrestlers.

Nyla Rose versus Riho has opened the door for further diversity in wrestling. We have the possibility for a nonbinary or gender fluid individual competing in a championship match for a major North American promotion. We may see the first transgender male compete for the AEW World Championship in the future, but who knows, maybe more major promotions will embrace diversity even further and sign more transgender wrestlers.

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What I do know, however, is if AEW continues to focus on showcasing amazing talent from all diversities, it will only make the world a little better for everyone who watches wrestling.

We don’t want to see diverse wrestlers become punchlines. We want to see diverse characters respected and admired for the skill they bring to the ring. AEW has done that with their inaugural Women’s Championship Match.