WWE: 3 major questions that need answered after the draft

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WWE has some big questions that need addressed following all the major changes that occurred in the draft.

The WWE Draft brought with it changes that affect the entire landscapes of both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. Major stars changed brands, partnerships were broken up, and even whole divisions received a near total facelift.

With all of those changes, it’s natural that there’s going to be some burning questions that need answered.

These are some of the biggest questions that WWE is going to have to answer now that the draft has officially ended.

3. Has Brock Lesnar versus Rey Mysterio been moved to the back-burner?

WWE did what they oftentimes seem unable to do with months of time in the matter of one night on September 30th. They built a red-hot rivalry that fans are going to be clamoring to watch unfold.

Brock Lesnar laid out Rey Mysterio and his son Dominic in dramatic fashion that night on Raw. The vicious assault was brilliantly done, and really highlighted both the ferocity of “The Beast Incarnate” and the selling abilities of both of the Mysterios.

It seemed like the kind of segment that was destined to lead to a major confrontation down the road. Nevertheless, WWE might have thrown a wet blanket over this fiery feud in the draft.

Brock Lesnar going to SmackDown was a foregone conclusion. Almost anyone could have predicted that going into the draft. Lesnar wouldn’t win the WWE Championship in shocking fashion on the debut episode on Fox if he wasn’t going to end up on the blue brand.

With that in mind, it similarly seemed fairly obvious where Rey Mysterio was going to go. He was the one who brought out Cain Velasquez to challenge Lesnar in the first place that same very night. He also, you know, had that aforementioned major segment occur that would seemingly place him in a match against Lesnar sooner rather than later.

All of that points to a logical conclusion of Rey Mysterio being drafted to SmackDown.


Instead, Mysterio ended up on Raw.

Why? I certainly have no clue, because I’ve been asking myself that for days. Raw already had a veteran presence in Randy Orton and Samoa Joe. Those two could easily spend months bouncing in and out of rivalries with various up-and-comers on Monday nights.

There’s basically no obvious reason why Mysterio should be on Raw, other than the fact that he’s still technically owed a Universal Championship match down the road as a result of not being able to challenge Seth Rollins after the Lesnar beating.

All of this then begs the question of not just why WWE would draft Rey Mysterio to Raw, but how or when do they intend on finishing his rivalry with Brock Lesnar?

Of course, there’s a non-zero chance we see some brand intermingling already due to the always popular SmackDown versus Raw format for Survivor Series.

That still seems like a show that should be ready-made for a Cain Velasquez versus Brock Lesnar rematch though, or even a Survivor Series match featuring teams led by the two.

That Survivor Series match would certainly be a way to blow off Lesnar versus Mysterio, albeit a rather unsatisfying one.

Basically, WWE just needs to show off a solid plan for this rivalry, because it started off too good to waste because of a seemingly nonsensical draft decision.