WWE: Rebirth of Firefly Fun House highlights inconsistent booking

In the latest episode of Weekly DDT, we talk about how WWE’s insistence to bring back to Bray Wyatt / The Fiend’s show highlights a glaring issue.

If you saw last week’s episode of Weekly DDT (the official Daily DDT Podcast) featuring Tom Colohue as a guest, you saw us talk about how WWE appeared to be nixing Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House concept after having Seth Rollins literally “burn it doooooooowwnn” on the previous episode of Monday Night Raw. Specifically, he and I spoke in depth about why that would be a bad idea.

This week, in a new episode featuring myself and Ryan Anderson, we revisit the Firefly Fun House because WWE has now revealed that they will be bringing a whole new episode to tonight’s episode of SmackDown, without explaining just how the Firefly Fun House is intact or if Bray Wyatt will be appearing in a brand new house to have fun in.

In hopes of condensing some thoughts that I rambled on the podcast, and of course to promote the newest podcast episode to begin with, I just wanted to speak a bit in depth on the matter, briefly at least.

I feel like the lack of consistency is becoming a problem in WWE. If WWE is going to put out huge angles like the destruction of the Firefly Fun House and it amounts to nothing within a week, it begs the viewer to ask “Why should I even watch if nothing onscreen matters, or it gets explained away immediately without payoff?”

Even if it was a last minute oversight where they planned to end it, but changed their minds after seeing the backlash, it’s still not a good look. I worry that inconsistent booking like this could cost WWE some fans if they’re not careful, and as a WWE viewer and (in some respects) fan, I don’t want to see that happen.

In addition to The Firefly Fun House, me and Ryan analyze and reflect on the first three episodes of AEW Dynamite, as well as talk about Kenny Omega winning the AAA Mega Championship, and Drew McIntyre’s return from injury. Check it out below!