AEW: Early seeds of Brandi Rhodes vs. Britt Baker is fascinating

In the latest episode of the official Daily DDT Podcast, Weekly DDT, the discussion steers towards AEW Full Gear and what appears to be what’s setting up to be a feud between Brandi Rhodes (with Awesome Kong) against Britt Baker.

Better late than never, right? Usually, when a new episode of Weekly DDT drops every Friday and, usually, I get a coinciding article out the same day. But, long story short without boring you about personal stuff, life and whatnot happened, so while the podcast was available, no coinciding article was written until three days after the fact. But now that this is out, I can say that the newest episode guest stars Daily DDT alumni Kristen Ashly, where we discussed the women’s matches of AEW Full Gear.

Specifically, we zeroed in on The Buy In pre-show’s match between Bea Priestley and Britt Baker. Baker wound up winning that match, but the biggest story of the bout concerned what happened afterwards. Post-match, Brandi Rhodes arrived and sicked Awesome Kong on poor Priestley in a seemingly unprovoked attack.

The attack continued a trend where Brandi had Baker’s opponent attacked after a match, having attacked Jamie Hayter herself mere minutes after she lost to Baker on Dynamite. Although a more random attack on Allie from the last Dynamite seems to have thrown a monkey wrench into the theory that Brandi Rhodes has a vendetta against Baker’s opponents for not getting the job done against Baker for some reason, I do still think that the endgame of this storyline is a direct confrontation between Kong and Brandi vs. Baker at some point.

As I said during the podcast recording, I don’t get the hair cutting or any of this voodoo stuff, but I’m intrigued. The seeds being planted for this feud so far look fascinating and so far, I’m excited to see where it all goes.

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Check out the latest episode of Weekly DDT below and be sure to keep an eye out for new episodes every Friday morning at 10 a.m. EST sharp.