ROH: Joey Mercury resumes Twitter crusade on officials

Joey Mercury at WWE SmackDown Live. Photo:
Joey Mercury at WWE SmackDown Live. Photo: /

Joey Mercury resumed his Twitter tirade against Ring of Honor, Sinclair Broadcasting, and higher-ups at ROH as the company trudges into it’s last show of the year, Final Battle 2019.

DISCLAIMER: Since this article was originally published, this article has been updated to include more accurate information regarding Joey Mercury and his false arrest. The charges against him in lieu of that case have since been dropped.

On Wednesday, recently-released Ring of Honor producer Joey Mercury, went on another Twitter tirade against ROH officials. He began a series of early morning tweets, numbered, to continue blasting ROH GM Greg Gilleland and CEO Joe Koff, just as he’s been doing since last month.

In his latest string of posts, Mercury first tweeted an email about the upcoming ROH Talent Summit in Baltimore, Maryland, where talent have been invited to attend and discuss future ideas for Ring of Honor in 2020.

He then leaked the following text conversation between himself and Gilleland, which described a rooming situation involving NJPW talent and youngest son of Haku, Hikuleo. Gilleland referred to Hikuleo as a “waste of $” booked by Hunter Johnston, or Delirious, one of ROH’s producers.

In another tweet that has since been deleted, along with a few passive aggressive threat-tweets with Joker .gifs mixed in, Mercury tweeted a video of current Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein looking to be concussed in a past bout against Sumie Sakai. Mercury has criticized ROH for its lack of internal concussion protocol since last month, and Klein even chimed in after the issue had surfaced publicly.

Mercury then implied that news outlets like the Wrestling Observer and PWInsider are being paid by ROH/Sinclair to not report on certain stories. He attached to the tweet a .gif of Tank Man, the unknown protester who disappeared from Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Because of his recent non-wrestling-related track record regarding a credit card fraud arrest – as reported by PWInsider – and charges that have since been dropped (according to a follow-up PWInsider report, Mercury was out of the country when the crimes were committed), social media has been less than kind to Mercury when it comes to believing his claims.

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While it may be easy for those on social media to jeer at the man for his comments, it’s most important to question if Joey Mercury is alright at this point in time.