WWE: Rhea Ripley was the breakout star of Survivor Series weekend

Rhea Ripley WWE SmackDown
Rhea Ripley WWE SmackDown /

Out of all of the breakout performances over Survivor Series weekend, it was Rhea Ripley who came away looking like the next biggest WWE star.

With Monday Night Raw in the books, WWE is finally departing from the Chicago area after a whirlwind four shows.

Over the course of those shows, fans saw a litany of big performances from some of the brightest up-and-coming stars in WWE. Keith Lee shined when given the opportunity in the Men’s Survivor Series match, Adam Cole had back-to-back outstanding performances, and Shayna Baszler beat the two top women on the so-called “main roster” in a main event match.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t Lee, Cole, or even Baszler that truly stole the shows over the last few days. It was Rhea Ripley.

Ripley could not have come out of these last few days looking stronger. Not only did she win an essentially 4-on-2 handicap match at WarGames, but she also pinned Sasha Banks to win the Women’s Survivor Series match for Team NXT as well.

Heck, she even had the audience chanting “NXT!” while she was squaring off against “The Boss” at one point, a feat which might be just as impressive as the victories themselves considering Banks’ immense popularity with fans.

All of that undoubtedly points to big things for Rhea Ripley’s future.

For starters, she should be in line for an NXT Women’s Championship match against Shayna Baszler. With Baszler’s aforementioned win over Becky Lynch and Bayley at Survivor Series, it feels like we’re yet again at one of those points where “The Queen of Spades” should make the jump to Raw or SmackDown.

That would leave Ripley as the leader of an increasingly deep women’s division in NXT, one that’s highlighted by big names like Bianca Belair, Candice LeRae, and the newly villainous Dakota Kai.

With that amount of marquee talent to back her potential title reign, not to mention the diversity of heel and face dynamics that could be at play depending on what feud she enters, it should be extremely easy for Ripley to continue to have these sorts of star-making performances then.

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From there, the sky might truly be the limit for Ripley. At just 23, she basically stole the show at two WWE Network events in a row. I just don’t believe you can even start to think about what the ceiling is for someone with that kind of talent.