Chris Jericho’s ‘Bubbly’ is selling like crazy, even Sasha Banks wants some

All Elite Wrestling’s Chris Jericho teamed up with Arrow star Stephen Amell to sell an official AEW sparkling wine named after a famous Y2J meme, and the alcoholic beverage is already selling like a Young Bucks T-Shirt.

WWE are selling a $6,500 custom title, while AEW are selling alcoholic beverages with a recognizable catchphrase. Checkmate.

On this past week’s AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho announced that he would be selling a new wine called “A Little Bit of the Bubbly” for pre-order this holiday season. Basically, you can call it AEW’s official sparkling wine.

Jericho teamed up with Arrow star Stephen Amell, who also wrestled at All In last year, to sell this product. Amell owns Nocking Point Wines, which is selling Jericho’s memetastic creation at the actual website

Better yet, Jericho posted on Instagram that he’s already sold 10,000 bottles of wine after only two days.

AEW fans sure love “The Bubbly!”

And so does Sasha Banks! The four-time Raw Women’s Champion and the GOAT – sorry, Chris Jericho, she’s taken that mantle from you – commented on Jericho’s Instagram post to ask for a bottle.

I love it when wrestlers from different promotions interact with each other in a wholesome way, especially noting some of the weird animosity between WWE and AEW fans. See, two of the biggest stars in each promotion and your faves can get along! Why can’t you?

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It’s no surprise Jericho’s latest creation is a massive hit among wrestling fans, and since it ships on Dec. 9, it’s a great gift for the holiday season if you’re a wrestling fan. And if you’re not, it’s probably still good.

What does Jericho always say? “Drink it in, maaaannnnn!”

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