WWE: Looking back at the many highs and lows of Sin Cara’s career

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In light of Sin Cara’s recent release from WWE, this list shines light on every highlight and low point he experienced throughout his tenure.

Sin Cara publicly requested his release from WWE in mid-November and as of this past Sunday, he is officially a free agent again.

The former Hunico has been portraying the Sin Cara character since late 2013, and before him, it was the world-reknowned Mistico working under the mask.

Despite his debut being heavily touted by the company, Sin Cara never quite lived up to the lofty expectations officials and fans had for him.

He had a chance to finally be something after Hunico took over the role, but WWE dropped the ball on his push multiple times, not to mention that injuries prevented him from ever reaching that next level.

All things considered, Cara had a fairly solid stint in WWE for as long as he was there for. He never won any gold on the main roster, mind you, but he did reign as NXT Tag Team champion with Kalisto for a while in 2014-2015.

His departure shouldn’t come as a surprise to the masses, especially considering he has hardly been on WWE TV for the past two years or so. What the future holds for him in wrestling in unknown, but he’d make a fine asset to whatever company he decides to sign with.

As Sin Cara contemplates his next move, let’s look at the many highs and lows of the Sin Cara character (as played by both Hunico and Mistico) during his eight-year WWE career.

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