AEW Hot Takes Of The Week: Moxley to join The Inner Circle?

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3. Brandon Cutler Should Join The Dark Order

The Dark Order have been airing vignettes on a weekly basis, which have made their tag team, and soon to be faction, far more interesting. The theme of the vignette is always the same: stop losing and start winning with The Dark Order.

These vignettes have given a very cult like feel to the faction where they try to target outcasts that are looking for acceptance somewhere to join their faction. For the past few weeks, they have been pretty general promos, but this week, they specifically targetted one person with their message.

That person was Alex Reynolds, who has been working as an enhancement talent, or “jobber”, for AEW. It was very intriguing to see an enhancement talent be the target of a promo because not much time has been invested into him as a character. But then again, isn’t that the point?

While it would be an interesting angle to see Reynolds, along with his partner John Silver, join The Dark Order, it would be much more impactful if they were able to recruit someone of note as their first pledge.

I think that person, because of his backstory, should be Brandon Cutler. So far, on AEW, Cutler has been the perennial loser. Still without a win to his name, he loses every match in relatively quick fashion, has been labeled a “loser” by MJF and others because of his love of D&D, and he is an outcast of The Elite who gets absolutely destroyed any time he tries to help his friends.

So, Cutler would be feeling helpless, hopeless, and without a place in the company or within his friend group at the moment. That would make him a perfect target for The Dark Order and would help spark their next feud on AEW television.

A Brandon Cutler turn to The Dark Order can be sealed by him attacking the Young Bucks rather than helping them during a beatdown. Then, we can build towards a Young Bucks vs/ Dark Order feud to start off 2020, and as The Dark Order recruits more pledges, they would take on more and more members of The Elite to establish the faction as top tier.

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