The 5 Most Defining Moments In Pro Wrestling for 2019

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WWE 2K20 Bray Wyatt The Fiend SummerSlam


The 5 most defining moments in pro wrestling for 2019 are moments that made wrestling great.

These were the wrestling moments that made us yell at the screen and talk about with friends over social media. These were the events that inspired you to order that T-shirt of your favorite brand or wrestler. 2019 had plenty of those types of moments and they were great.

From the arrival of new story angles, to the angles that came to a fantastic climax during pay-per-views, wrestling popularity is at an all-time high right now.

There’s a lot that goes into making that happen. There are those who have the ability to make their character stand out, there are those who are great on the mic and then, there are those who are very good at being a villain that people love to hate. These people stepped into the ring and gave us wrestling gold.

As a result, some of them created moments this year that will last a lifetime. The following are my picks for the five most defining moments in wrestling for 2019. You’ll either agree or disagree, but if you ask me, these moments were good! Let’s hope pro wrestling keeps this pace in 2020!

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